Why Cooler Ice Cube?

Cooler Ice Cube will convert any vehicle into an affordable refrigerated vehicle with a range of temperature requirements including refrigeration and freezing even in the same unit. The conversion takes only minutes and the refrigeration unit can be left on site if that’s what’s required. These features not only make Cooler Ice Cube a more versatile than other solutions, but it also much more affordable.

Why Choose Cooler Ice Cube?

It Is Affordable

Buying a dedicated refrigerated vehicle or even converting a vehicle into one is a costly proposition. Cooler Ice Cube will get the job done at the fraction of the cost.

It Is Flexible

Transfer it to another vehicle of similar size, or leave it on site and do it in minutes.


With Cooler Ice Cube, you can be sure that your product will stay at the pre-determined temperature no matter what.



Our product is superior to ice & cooler systems in that there is no ice to melt, which could destroy your cargo and make it unsafe for human consumption.

Environmentally Friendly

Go green with an all-electric mobile refrigeration solution.

Cooler Ice Cube Applications

  • Catering & Food Service
  • Florists
  • Medical Field & Pharmaceutical
  • Ice Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Ice Cream Producers & Distributors
  • Refrigeration Needs at Events
  • Disaster Relief
  • Multi-Temping Solutions

Our Products

Top Loaders
Compact refrigeration units available in 5, 8, 14 and 22-gallon capacities.

Front Loaders
For bigger jobs, with capacities ranging from 37 to 242 gallons.

Shelves, curtain strips, and other tools to maximize your investment.

Fully Customizable

The beauty of Cooler Ice Cube is in it's extreme flexibility. Up until now, you'd have to purchase an expensive custom van or truck to have a portable solution for perishable items.

It's Environmentally Friendly

An all-electric unit saves money and the environment.

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Did you know

Most installations of Cooler Ice Cubes take only a few minutes?

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