How to Order

This is a very simple process:

Unit prices are all the same $8997, unless you want some custom work done.

Deposit of $997.00 is required to secure your Cooler Ice Cube

This deposit is fully refundable within 7 days if you change your mind, can’t get financing or any other reason.

You can also leave your deposit by calling us and arranging to send a check or bank wire.
In some cases, financing might be available.

Click Here to submit your deposit online.

Company: Cooler Ice Cube
Phone: (877) 837-7561
Fax: 386-449-8253

General Inquiries:

Mailing Address:
Cooler Trailers LLC.
1233 North Hwy. U.S. #1
Ormond Beach, Florida 32174

We will be in touch with you to give delivery times, additional specs and any other details that need to be organized.

A word about delivery times and “in stock” inventory.

We try to keep enough inventory so that we have about 30 days worth of orders ready, and people who order can be up and running within a few days or at most a week or two from the time they pay for the unit.

Sometimes however, we get someone who owns a fleet snapping up all of our available inventory, or a potential buyer that can’t get their financing through on their vehicles, etc. which leaves us with extra inventory.

All of this makes it hard to manage perfectly with delivery times. Before Cooler Ice Cube was born, we had experiences with van conversion companies that took months to deliver, and no business can afford to have assets that should be on the ground doing work and servicing customers idle instead.

We feel your pain on this, so:

1) For each unit that you want, we ask for a $997 deposit. This “locks us in”. We understand that you may be also figuring out how to finance our unit, another vehicle, or multiple vehicle purchases at the same time. But after the initial deposit we start getting your unit ready for you.

2) If we take a deposit, it means we have a unit for you within 30 days or less, and the deposit is refundable.

The absolute worst case scenario is in some instances it might take 90 days to get your unit. This has never happened yet. We pledge to work with you and get you up and running as fast as possible.