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    Less Expensive

    A fraction of the cost of custom refrigerated trucks and vans

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    A Focus on Food Safety & Satisfied Customers

    Cooler Ice Cube will keep you products at the required temperatures to satisfy both the authorities and your customers.

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    Your Pharmaceutical Transportation Solution

    All pharmaceuticals kept at government-mandated temperatures from source to destination.

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    Accommodating a Wide Range of Needs from Refrigeration to Freezing.

    Our products will enable you to transport both refrigerated and frozen products at the same time.

Got Questions? We have Answers!

A: You are right about plastic not lasting long, because there is no protection from UV rays on regular plastic, those types of units end up realistically giving you problems after 18 months or so. Our design is Fiberglass shell, which does give you the UV protection you need and the units last MUCH longer.

A: The entire installation is literally taking the cable we give you and routing it to the battery. 1 hour tops. We still recommend that people have their dealership do it for them if we are just shipping you the unit because depending on the make and model there may be a better place to drill the hole you need to get the cable routed to the battery the best way. Really though, thats it. WAY simpler than almost anything out there, and much faster than waiting around for a normal conversion. Plus the unit is removable if you ever want to sell it or switch it out to another vehicle.

A: We use standard 115v/60hz or 12vDC, which gives you much more reliability and much better options. This lets you pull from the battery, or “plug in” wherever you have power, giving you the ultimate in flexability and reliability. They will draw 11amps on average, 15 on the bigger one, and can handle 26-30amps max power. Can also run off of 220 volt converter if needed, so you can use it anywhere in the world, just switch out the converter.

A:We have a complete list at http://Cooler Ice Cube.com/compatible-makes-and-models which we update as we get different size units. Right now we have two sizes which fit the majority of vans or trucks out there. We can also customize the size of the actual unit to fit your needs. The basic dimensions are 59x39x43, 59x43x43, or 59x47x43 respectively for Product, and the units themselves are 35.4×31.4×10.6 inches. Ford Transit Connect, Dodge Ram Promaster, Nissan MV 200, Chevy Citi Exprss, can customize the box.

A:45-60 days probably is what it would it take most of the time, depending on when you come into the production cycle.

A:No, they are ZERO emission, environmentally friendly, energy efficient units. The same cannot be said for your car however! Next to nothing in terms of heat, whisper quiet, digital readout.

A:The 682-853 BTU per hour and 131CFM airflow give you the ability to control the temperature exactly within 4 or 5 degrees even when its as cold as 22 degrees or as hot as 104 outside! If it is super hot outside like some places in the southwest, use common sense, park in shade if you can, all the basic rules of refrigeration for houses apply here, but you really do have pretty much the most efficient and max cooling power of just about anything out there with the Cooler Ice Cube.

A:The Cooler Ice Cube came about because of our frustration with the traditional truck or van conversion process and its normal results. Converting vans and trucks for refrigeration is expensive, takes longer than you think, and if not done correctly results in long term damage to the vehicle. If something happens and you want to sell your vehicle, they are a lot harder to sell.

If your truck or van gets into an accident, basically you are out not just the cost of the truck or van, but the conversion as well. Not only that, but our unit improves the efficiency of the cooling because you are only cooling the actual product, not the interior of the entire van. This savings adds up over time.

One other thing that people don’t think about- If you spend all the money and time to convert your van or truck because you are looking at a slightly larger square footage of cooling space with a conversion, a lot of that is inefficient, because realistically you aren’t going to be putting product on your wheel wells and what have you. The Cooler Ice Cube is efficient and easy to load and stack product into. One other important point that makes it more efficient, is you want to cool the product, not the vehicle!

A: R404A, the industry standard.

A: Basically around 300 pounds. (287,298,and 309 lbs respectively, depending on which unit you need)
A: 150 amp alternator is the key, which is standard on most trucks and vans in the last few years. The unit only draws around 25 amps, so its not a heavy load when the truck or van is running. When not running you can plug into any standard 115 plug and park anywhere you want.

A: We try to keep enough inventory around, but sometimes get rush purchases or fleet purchases, which throws off our delivery schedule. When you make your deposit, however, you usually have your unit within 7 days or less. The usual process works like this- You make your deposit which secures your unit for you, then you get into our next production schedule, which are usually around 7-10 days apart. If you want customizations it takes a bit longer, for a customized job you are looking at no longer than 45-60 days.

A: Yes. As you can imagine we do this all the time. If you are in Florida you can bring it over and we will get you going.

A: The insulation of our units is rated the highest, you will usually be good for at least an hour or two with good temperature stability of your product before you are able to get hooked up again. Remember unlike a lot of units this one can run from your house or business with a standard 115 volt plug anywhere.

A: YES. We have many different types of businesses that have to load in product from either side or rear door. Either way works. The standard units are only rear loading, but we can customize this for you.

A: Most are going to be $9,997.00 plus shipping, unless you need some kind of customization.