About Cooler Ice Cube:

Like many products, Cooler Ice Cube started as a solution to a simple problem that many business owners have- how to get going with a refrigerated truck or van quickly and at a reasonable price.

Cooler Ice Cube is a part of the “Cooler Trailers” business that evolved to serve the needs of businesses that need portable refrigeration, where an actual refrigerated van or truck is needed instead of a refrigerated trailer. Fleets, delivery trucks, caterers, businesses of all kinds can now convert their existing trucks or vans in one easy step in a fraction of the usual time.

While refrigerated trailers are cost effective way to get refrigerated or frozen products to many places, sometimes it makes more sense to use a van or truck, but converting them is time consuming, inefficient and expensive.

The idea is to cool the product, not the entire van, and the special design is made to be long lasting and efficient. More importantly for some businesses, it is fast.

When it is time to sell the van, pull the unit out and you can sell the van or truck as a regular van instead of trying to sell it with all the modifications.

About Cooler Trailers:

Tom McBride and his “Cooler Trailers” have been a recognized leader in the portable transport refrigeration industry since 1998.

After recognizing a serious need for small portable refrigeration in October of 1998 while still working for the family business in Ormond Beach, Florida, Tom stumbled across a bagel shop with a need… Tom built a prototype that solved an issue for one customer while creating a more efficient way to transport,distribute and store frozen or refrigerated product for the rest of the industry. New income opportunities have arrived from the strong need for portable refrigeration. Always remember that inside a refrigerated trailer is recession proof freight!

Cooler Trailers are now used by high profile Fortune 500 companies all over the world and small businesses everywhere are benefiting from exploding profits, growth in revenue and gigantic savings from this revolutionary product.

To find out more, call us at (877) 837-7561 or visit us on our contact us page at http://Cooler Ice Cube.com/contact